Hello all, Lecoqadoodledo here! Just like pretty much all the other Painters here, I too have been riding the Shadespire train. I fell in love with the Stormcast sculpts when they were initially revealed, and knew I had to paint them as soon as possible. I finished these up late November, and they have been solidly average in the two tournaments I’ve taken them to. I thought painted miniatures were meant to roll better!

For a while now, I've had this itch. A nostalgia itch. I remember an issue of White Dwarf (roughly issue 180ish) where they showed in detail how to make a ruined building from foamcore and plasticard. I don't have that issue anymore so to scratch my itch I had to use the old grey matter to remember as much as possible. 

Shadespire has a really low model count. Only 8 models in total and boy are those models great. Each one has the detail and dynamic pose of a character level model. For that reason, I took my time with the Bloodbound and I love the results. Undeniably Khorne worshippers with their Bronze and Red armour. Their ruddy skin complexion really helps sell their angry demeanour. Individual close ups and a recent Warhammer Store experience after the jump. 

I realized I haven't posted a follow-up for my Ultramarines Company Command Squad yet. I put them on hold so I could start my Sepulchral Guard, but not before completing the two models in the front (well, apart from static grass and transfers). How do you like them?

Now back to painting Sepulchral Guard...

Hey guys, Big Sam from United Painting here again. This guy was a pretty fun model to paint. I really enjoyed painting the woad markings in his face, and in general painting the face was a blast as it was ripped from a Chaos Marauder Horsemen kit.

Looked perfect for my idea of what a lone wolf would probably look like. I tried to pose him as if he was counter attacking and smashing a skull with his hammer. I really tried to keep it simple and also clean with the paint job minus the battle damage.

Do you remember my post about selling my Anti-spill paint pot holders? Well I've expanded my range with these fun, hobby orientated tea coasters. Immortalising the words of the talented Mr Rhodes these coasters/beer mats are a tribute to the Lord of Layers Duncan. I've actually posted the very first one off the print bed to Duncan as a gift, I hope he likes it. More colours after the jump.

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